Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles
Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles
Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles
Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles

   The single most difficult part of our business is to bring our dogs into our hearts. We love each one of them. They are part of our family — and this is part of their training to be a close part of your family.

   Little Blaze is no different. We've loved and cared for him and he is now ready for the world and his new family. In fact, he is sold.

   His eyes are open and his ears will be open shortly. He is finding his way to walking. One of the cutest and most endearing things is to hold him and place him against your face. He sniffs, leans toward you and gently licks your face. He is the sweetest, most tender little dog. We hate to see him go.

    You can have your own adorable dog. Our closeness to our dogs, their socialization, training, and care, makes them very popular and in very high demand. If you would like to have such a wonderful dog to be part of your family, contact us quickly. Our waiting lists fill very fast.

Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles
Let us introduce ourselves.

   Welcome to OLD PUEBLO RED AKC TOY and MINIATURE POODLES. We are located in Mesa, Arizona. We are a small breeding program specializing in beautiful multi-generational mahogany red toy poodles.

   Our breeding program is one of integrity and love. Our goal is to set ourselves apart from other breeding programs, through careful consideration of the pedigrees of our Dams and Sires to insure that our puppies are of the best quality. We believe that quality, health, and temperment are three of the most important things in breeding and raising balanced, happy, beautiful dogs.

   Our Dams and Sires have been raised with us since puppyhood. They have been in a complete home environment, receiving love and affection everyday. We do not believe in keeping our dogs apart from us. Our puppies from birth until they leave our home, learn what it means to be part of a family. They will have been socialized, paper trained and well on their way to becoming loving, loyal companions to their families.

   We screen our future puppy’s new momma and daddy to help insure both puppy and new families are both happy. Our puppies are well socialized and have wonderful personalities of their own. Together with you, we help decide which puppy would be the best fit for your family.

Our mission & primary objectives.

   When we look at each one of our little ones, we don't just see another dog — we see pups to care for until they reach your arms. We treat these dogs as members of our family because they will shortly be part of yours.

   And so, it is vital for us to take care of certain very important roles. We are parents, brothers, sisters, masters, mini-doctors, groomers, and general care givers. Like service to anyone or to any animal, our relationship with them fosters love and guidelines for their behavior.

   Our mission, then is to be certain that all of our pups come to you with:

Quality in breeding.

Excellent health.

Wonderful temperment.

We fell in love … you will too.

   Every day, people go to work in jobs that they like, or dislike. We LOVE what we do! The moment these wonderful red poodles are born, we fall in love with each and every one of them. We absolutely fall in love!

   And so, that's why we have such a high level of care for each one of them.

Perfect for you & your children.

   Would you like a preview of how the dogs will behave with you and your children? Simply look at their face and into their eyes. What you see is really what you get.

   These purely enjoyable companions simply love to curl up next to you or snuggle into your lap.

No harsh kennel walls.

   Some breeders believe that these precious little friends are no more than a business money-making venture. And so, they leave the little pups to find any comfort and warmth in old bath towels. If they become thirsty, their bowl of water is in the cage, but it is filled with lint, dirt, and food particles.

   We are the complete opposite.

   We care for these pups and young dogs so much that when they leave us, it is with tears in our eyes. Each one is a sweet, precious part of our heart.

   Sometimes we are asked if our dogs are used to human touch and affection. Very often we are slow to answer, because we instantly remember the many hours of personal and tender contact with each one.

   When you receive one of our dogs, you are really getting part of our family.

Guaranteed health & fitness.

   It's easy for us to guarantee the health and fitness of our fine dogs. Why? For the same reason that you might guarantee the health and fitness of one of your children: Because we love them and care for them every minute they're with us.

Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles

Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles

Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles

Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles
Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles
Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles
Old Pueblo — Red AKC Poodles